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Winter Plunge 2016 - Where You Can Get Cold For YOUR Cause February 20, 2016

Proudly Presented by The Rotary Club of Forest Lake

Welcome to the main website for Winter Plunge - Your chance to "Get Cold for YOUR Cause!"

Winter Plunge 2016
Estimated Plunge Times

12:00 Estimated Start Time

Posting of Colors

National Anthem

12:00(estimate) 75
Johnson/TurnerLegal 15
Team LILA 31
Bolton & Menk Inc. 14
Team Dance Factory 10
Fight against ALS 10

12:15(estimate) 73
Forest Lake Drumline 31
Frozen Polars 40
Eric Viburs/Zac Viburs 2

12:30(estimate) 71
Frassati Freezing Falcons 64
Interact 5
Wilbur Cares 2

12:45(estimate) 70
Chops Percussion Indoor 13
Labor Studies and Resource Center 7
Bikers against child abuse Great Rivers 19
Chillin' for Chace 9
Fairview Lakers - All In 22

1:00(estimate) 71
Columbus Cub Scouts 414 13
forest lake alpine ski team (flast) 10
Forest Lake Girl's Track 6
Homeward Bound Dog Rescue 1
Jaren Johnson Realty Group 5
Lake Area Bank - plunging for MOST FL 9
Lakes Life Care Leapers 2
LAYSB Buck Hunters 8
Level Up Academy 12
Linwood Boy Scout Troop 9435 1
Abby's Jumpers 2
July Jumpers 1
Brian Walker 1

1:15(estimate) 75
MN Snocatz 27
North Lakes Academy Civics 14
Ranger Girls Soccer 10
Rangers Supporting Rangers 3
Scandia Marine Lions Fat Cats 2
St Croix Swim Club 2
St. Peter's School Plungers 9
Team Meyer 8
1:30 (estimate) 72
The Dark Alliance Costuming Group 1
WBLTA Scholars 13
Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue 5
University YMCA 10
William Kivlin 1
Willow Lane Plunging Bears 42

1:45 (estimate) 80
Family Pathways 5
Forest Lake Lions 11
Nellie Stone Johnson Scholarship 4
Sky's The Limit 2
Grey Face Rescue 4
Miller Stevens Law 3
Christian Edward 1
Stefan Wood 1
Argos K9 1
Thing 1, 2, 3&4 1
Nick Porisch 1
Joe Young 1
John Kranz 1
Madison St. Sauver 1
Cameron Belisle 1
Lisa Henrickson 1
Britney Stanger 1
Autumn Kron 1
Jon Smale 1
Tim Hogan 1
Mara Velasco-Ranz 1
Felicia Jeffrey 1
Corrine Wald 1
Matt Bulmer 1
Team Wishes & More 24

The Rotary Club of Forest Lake is partnering with other local organizations to help jointly raise funds by allowing participants, or "Plungers", to jump into frosty, frigid, frozen Forest Lake in February. If you are interested in partnering with us, raising funds by plunging, or pledging one or more Plungers, then you're at the right place!

If you are starting a team to help others Gettin' Cold for a Cause, Thank You!!! We are excited to have your team be a part of Winter Plunge. Please review the forms at the "Downloadable Forms" button on the home page to view the forms and additional information about our event. All teams must complete and return the Organization Registration form that can be found on the home page of this website.

If you are registering to be a Winter Plunge Plunger, Thank You!!! Please review the forms at the "Winter Plunge Forms" button on the home page to view the forms and additional information about our event. Please complete and return the Agreement to Participate, which can be found in the Downloadable Forms. You'll also need to join a team. If you simply want to plunge into frosty, frigid, frozen Forest Lake in February and raise some money for a good cause, but don't have a team to join, then we'd be happy to welcome you to plunge for the Rotary Club of Forest Lake's Team.

If you are pledging a Plunger, Thank You!!! You've come to the right place. Please find your Plunger and go through the self-guided menus to make your pledge. If you're not comfortable with on-line pledging, would like to pledge through the mail, or have other questions, please contact us.

Check out the fun on Facebook at --- Join the fun there!!

We thank you in advance for your understanding that there is no alternate date for the Winter Plunge. If the Winter Plunge is cancelled due to weather, it will not be re-scheduled, pledges will not be refunded. Rather, they will be divided and distributed in the manner described in the Organization Registration form available on this website. If you have questions regarding same, please contact us.

The Rotary Club of Forest Lake reserves the right to refuse to allow organizations and/or Plungers that do not conform to our Mission Statement and/or the Rotary International Four Way Test.

If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact the Rotary Club of Forest Lake through our website:

Thank you for your interest in our Winter Plunge fundraising event!!


The Rotary Club of Forest Lake
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